Firstly let me start this first entry in saying that in no way shape or form am I promoting the use of alcohol or trying to shine a light on alcohol and the positive effects it has (if any).

I am merely taking snapshots of a night out where alcohol is involved and attempting to extrapolate the silly things we sometimes do with the help of scientific research that has been done on humans and the consumption of alcohol.

I acknowledge that alcohol is a drug that cannot be over-consumed without negative effects to someone’s life. However I do say that if consumed by people of legal age, occasionally, in a positive environment amongst good friends and a safe setting, there can be some hilarious moments that can occur and be remembered for a long time.

Lastly, all of this is coming from a male perspective. Therefore the scenes and the hypotheticals put in place may not necessarily fit into a woman’s perspective. In saying this, the drinking environment that I am focusing on, being the house party of a good friend is something that most of you readers will be familiar with and be able to picture quite vividly.


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