Drinks are flowing, lack of inhibition is growing

7 Sep

The sun is setting, you have shared a few drinks with your friends, and you start to notice yourself speaking a lot more and a lot louder than you usually do. You have a sudden urge to go to the toilet but at the same time you went only 10 minutes ago.

Two of your friends have decided it’s a great idea to wrestle in the grass, and even though you have one of your favourite most expensive shirts on, you can’t help but want to join.

You feel quite happy with yourself and speak with more certainty and confidence than you usually do.

All these indicators indicate that those few drinks you have consumed are starting to take effect on your body but more so your mind.

Research has shown that if you are in a positive frame of mind and your self-esteem is that of Mr T. the experience of having a few drinks with your friends will more likely than not be a positive one.

A study done by Lynne and colleagues identified two hidden motives underlying our behaviour when we drink.

The first one is called Behavioural Inhibition System (BIS), which basically means it controls our negative emotions so that we don’t start crying when a girl tells us to take that idiotic dancing to the other side of the room.

The second one is called Behavioural Activation System (BAS) that controls our positive emotions, not just happiness but also the determinedness of achieving our goals, whatever they may be.

So we have a balance between these two which keeps us both merry and moody. But, there are some people who might have too much of one of these systems. For example; if a person has too much BAS he/she has too much of a good thing, which is bad. Confused? Good! You might identify these people as the ones attempting to do a backflip off the roof into the pool………………………in the middle of Winter.

A study done by Glindemann and colleagues called the Self-Esteem and Alcohol Consumption: A Study of College Drinking Behaviour in a Naturalistic Setting, found that people with a low self-esteem actually had higher blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) levels than those that had a high or higher than low self-esteem. This related to another study done by Capraro, who found men who were drinking just to be part of the team (GO TEAM!!), ended up standing out as an individual because their alcohol consumption was too high and they lost control of their body and emotions.

Therefore the motto of the story is, if you are feeling down, listen to Tina Turner ‘Simply the Best”, before the party, sing it loud, sing it proud and if you don’t feel like drinking alcohol then don’t. If your friends don’t understand or make fun of you then HOT TIP! They’re not your friends and its best you don’t waste any more time with those losers.

If you are enjoying your drinks and feeling positive, enjoy this, wrestle in the grass if you must, but under no circumstances must you climb the roof and attempt a backflip into the pool. No one will think you are cool and you will not pick up any babes with this manoeuvre.


Here are some oh so professional interviews with my friends after they had consumed a few drinks at  a house party. Without expecting it the responses from each person were quite different to each other.

So please feel free to listen!


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